Spotlight On: Bolt Isolation Kits

Kellett Enterprises’ vibration isolation pads are an industry-leader and a necessity for so many clients, in so many industries.  From HVAC systems to food equipment, our pads control vibration in an unprecedented way.  One important thing to consider, however, is the need for bolt isolation, and how crucial it is to the entire process.

When you bolt through isolation pads, the bolt can touch the inside of the pad and in turn short circuit the pad by causing vibrations to travel through the bolt.   The equipment needs to be bolted to something, and when you drill a hole in the pad and don’t insulate the bolt, it defeats the purpose of using isolation pads.  For this reason, bolt insulation is extremely important.

We offer bolt isolation kits that take care of this.   These kits isolate the bolt and the bolt head itself from both the machine and the pad, and prevent the short circuiting that could occur without them.  They’re specifically designed to be used with our vibration isolation pads, and—like all of our products—are engineered of the highest quality.  Use them and know that all aspects of your vibration control are taken care of.

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