Exciting Times at Kellett Enterprises!

There are some exciting changes going on at Kellett Enterprises! Recently our CEO Claudia Kellett McNab and VP James Kellett decided it was time for some new adventures in life, so they handed over the reigns of their amazing company to long time members of the Kellett team, Debbie Thompson and Terry Mauldin. While we are sad to see such old friends leave, everyone at Kellett Enterprises is excited about the future.

Rest assured, all the things you love about Kellett, like our top-notch customer service, and industry leading vibration isolation and noise control solutions, will not change. If anything, this new opportunity will allow Kellett Enterprises to expand and diversify our products and services. With an eye on new markets  (like HVAC) as well as our already well-established markets, we believe that we can raise the quality of our work all while expanding our reach. As always, our vibration isolation and sound reduction solutions will remain easy to install and cut to fit your exact size needs.

We truly believe that this big change will improve every aspect of Kellett Enterprises! If you want to learn more about our new team at the top, please visit contact us today and get to know Terry Mauldin and Debbie Thompson!

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