Historical Renovation of Missoula County Court House by A&E Arch.

When a 100+ year old building has the first major Historical Renovation, Kellett is there to help insure it will be there for the next 100 years, free of harmful vibrations!

A new Daikin 5,000 pound 15 ton AHU was recently installed over a 3” thick concrete floor in the Missoula County Court House, as specified by the principal mechanical engineer on the project.  Due to the arcane nature of the structure, and the floor upon which it is sitting, traditional spring isolators were not an option.  Traditional spring isolators function in a narrow range of deflection, effectively dealing with one frequency, while multiple bandwidths of vibration go unabated.  The traditional thin neoprene coating on the base of the spring isolator provides minimal damping, which is necessary to provide increased isolation from the arcane fragile load bearing surface on which the 5,000 pound unit is located.   Kellett has proven vibration & deflection capabilities, that made it the logical choice for use as a strip isolator, easily able to support & deflect the weight of the Daikin Unit when utilized in multiple strips across the bottom of the unit , on support rails.  Even with maximum loading @ 400 pounds per square inch, the ¾” Kellett Vibration Isolation Pad (in correct shore A durometer) is easily able to provide damping coefficients down to 10 Hz, as well as abating 100% of Vibration well below 100 Hz.  (Test supplied on request.)

How the Kellett Vibration Isolator Pad works.

The unique 3 layer construction of the Kellett Pad Vibration Isolator provides true isolation via a new approach employing the damping properties of the specialized neoprene pad layers in concert with the acoustic impedance & attenuation properties of the specially manufactured ABS core layer.  Together, these components function synergistically to provide double damping coefficients (down to 10 Hz) & true vibration isolation to well below 100Hz! 

Kellett Pic for Historical Reno Court House

Strip Isolator under Rail support system, attached with BOLT ISOLATION KIT.

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