Kellett Employee Profile: Charles G. (Skip) Kahane

Kellett Industries is more than a company leading the way in vibration and noise control; we are a collection of passionate and talented specialists who truly care about what we do.  In this post, we’d like to focus on one member of our team, Charles G. (Skip) Kahane, CAE, an engineer and acoustics specialist who has been an integral part of our company.

An audio engineer (self-described “sound guy”), classically trained cellist, and passionate noise- and vibration-expert, Kahane knows more about the subject than seems possible.  He loves knowing that his work for Kellett, which he describes as “a world leader in the industry” is so important.  Says Kahane, “If I can make a small difference and contribution to Kellett and in turn to the country, the environment, and to keeping people sane” (through noise and vibration control), then he’s more than content.

Our President, Terry Mauldin, first approached Kahane after reading his article, “Negating Noise” for the Specifier, the official Journal of the Construction Specifications Institute. He was asked to write a similar article for Kellett, which was the beginning of his work with us.  He then presented the paper at Saviac’s Symposium (now called the Shock and Vibration Exchange), and the following year presented another paper at the symposium on a project he’d worked on involving controlling noise and vibration in a local school using Kellett’s Vibration Isolation Pads.  The next year, he again presented, this time a follow-up study on revising the project, again using our products, which resulted in a complete abatement of all noise and vibration. Each of his presentations and papers has received an overwhelming response.

Mr. Kahane has also worked on projects for the military, and is currently involved in developing several projects for us, including one involving energy harvesting, and using our pads in the process.  We love the energy, education, and excitement he brings to our company and to the industry as a whole, and are proud to have him on our team.

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