Kellett Enterprises : How We Fixed a Potential Disaster for a New Condo!

There have been many occasions that we are called on to help, and you can read about some of those occasions on our Case Studies & News page on our website. While we have some great examples of our work, there are a few projects that speak to our true abilities. The case study below, is one of them.

We were contacted by General Heating & Air when their builders, who were constructing and testing HVAC heat pumps for a new multi-use condo and retail complex, heard and felt vibrations.

The project they were working on was a large one. 38 heating systems for 22 condo units, so needless to say, the issue needed to be resolved before the project could be completed! Even though all of the equipment from General Heating & Air was in perfect operating condition, the heat pump condenser units, located on the roof of the three story complex, vibrated during start up. During construction, the workers noticed it all the way down on the 2nd floor.

Once we obtained the basic footprint and weight of the units, we were able to recommend four LP-13 Shake Absorber<R> Vibration Isolation Pads, that measured 4” x 4” x ¾” 50 Shore A Durometer.

Once we quoted and presented the technical information to the engineer, builder, architect and General Heating & Air, their approval set our action plan into motion. Problem solved!

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