Kellett gains an exciting opportunity!

KELLETT Ent., Inc. is poised on the edge of discovery, and will soon acquire new information on the shock & impact response of the unique 3 layer LP13 Vibration Isolator Pad.

As the supplier of material to a research project at the Watervliet Federal Arsenal in Albany, New York, we have been extended the opportunity to place piezo accelerometers within the impact pit. The impact pit is found below the seismic mass which supports Lansmont’s new 120mm Mortar Blast Simulation Machine.

These accelerometers will enable the real time data acquisition of impact information inside our material, from cyclic test strikes on test specimens of 1” armor plate above the seismic mass, enabling us to form a more accurate picture of the dissipation of energy within the pit.

This newly constructed facility (for the purpose of housing the machine) will allow the data collected to contribute to the production of stronger armor, meeting today’s rigorous battlefield  requirements.   KELLETT is very excited at the opportunity to ‘look inside’ the shock & impact performance of this specialized application, in order that we may precisely tailor the product response to a wider range of applications.

In spite of impediments to project progress from the sequester, resumption of test cycles in the new facility is expected to resume shortly, with a great deal of anticipation.

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