Why Manufacturing Day is Important to Our Industry’s Future

It’s almost here! On October 3, join us for Manufacturing Day (MFG Day), an all-day event designed to educate the community and future generations about what manufacturing is. Let’s put aside misconceptions about the industry and get the word out to increase STEM education and close the skills gap!

The nationally recognized MFG Day provides us with an excellent opportunity to dispel public misconceptions about manufacturing as manufacturers across the country open their doors to youths and adults. What a great opportunity to directly communicate with the community about the state of our industry.

One goal for MFG Day is to build interest in young people in manufacturing, encouraging them to pursue careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). 2014 Mfg Day Graphic

Increasing the number of STEM education graduates is a viable way to lessen the skills gap and strengthen a positive future for the manufacturing industry. This valuable education will provide youths with new possibilities for careers to enter, as well as informing up-and-coming manufacturers about innovation and technologies that they will put to use in the field later.

Recently, online news websites have been discussing the possibility of changing STEM to STEAM, incorporating an “A” that refers to Arts. The reasoning is that an artistic background benefits many careers in the manufacturing industry, particularly in design and packaging areas.

In efforts to do our part to protect the future of the manufacturing industry by reducing the skills gap and increasing focus on STEM or STEAM education, we are excited to celebrate Manufacturing Day!

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