Manufacturing in South Carolina

Manufacturing has always been very important to South Carolina, its people and its economy. It is an industrial sector that has always been here, and always provided our state’s citizens with reliable, well-paying jobs. So just how important is it?

  • Manufacturing output in South Carolina came to $31.76 billion in 2013, or 17.3% of our state’s total gross product. This was the largest share from any single sector.
  • South Carolina’s manufacturing output alone was greater than the total gross output of nearly half of the countries in the world.
  • In 2012, there were 3,468 firms in South Carolina engaged in manufacturing – this includes companies such as Boeing, Domtar, SCANA, and Sonoco Products, along with smaller companies like us here at Kellett Enterprises.
  • Boeing’s South Carolina manufacturing facility is the final assembly site for the ultra-modern 787 Dreamliner. It shouldn’t be surprising that this helps make Transportation Equipment the largest export of our manufacturing sector.
  • Our largest overall manufacturing sector is chemical products, followed by motor vehicles and parts. This helped South Carolina to be named the 2nd strongest state for automotive manufacturing growth by Business Facilities magazine in 2011.
  • Nearly 237,000 citizens of South Carolina were employed in the manufacturing sector in 2014, or one in every 8 nonfarm workers.
  • The average annual compensation of a manufacturing worker in 2013 was $66,556, which was $25,300 more than the average South Carolina worker overall.
  • Between July 2009 and the end of 2011, South Carolina added 11,500 manufacturing jobs; every other state in our region experienced manufacturing job loss over that period of time.
  • CNBC ranked South Carolina’s workforce as the 6th best of any state in the nation. This is due to the quality and availability of skilled workers in the state, along with success of training programs.

No matter the size of the role, all of us manufacturers in South Carolina play a part in the success of the sector. At Kellett Enterprise, we know the success of South Carolina, building a base for the future of our state and country, comes from a solid manufacturing industry. We are committed to continuing to produce our vibration isolation and noise control solutions right here in Greenville, using South Carolina muscle and know-how, just as we have for the past five decades.

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