Put Vibration Isolation Pads at the Top of Your List!

We’ve all done it, incorrectly measured something and then had to go back to square one. Of course, if you are just installing a shelf in the kitchen it’s not too hard to get new piece of wood and start again, but just imagine how costly and time-consuming it can be if you do it while building a multi-million dollar factory or municipal building! At Kellett Enterprise, we try to impress upon our clients that before they lock-in final measurements in any project, they first take into account their vibration isolation needs. We have seen far too many cases of builders coming to us after the fact trying to find a way to fit our padding into existing spaces. While we can usually accommodate any custom-retrofitting project, it is far easier, much more effective, and less expensive to make vibration isolation padding the first thing you consider not the last!

Kellett’s LP-13 Shake Absorber pads are a perfect starting point when designing a new or restoring an older structure. This is especially the case if you plan on housing or installing certain types of equipment including.

  • Weaving Looms
  • HVAC Units
  • Lab Equipment
  • Generators
  • Weight Scales
  • CNC Machines
  • Exhaust Fans
  • Conveyor Belts and more…

It is also important to remember that our LP-13 Shake Absorber pads are load bearing, so they are more than just an add-on, they can be an integral part of your design. So before you start construction on your next project, no matter the size or cost, visit Kellett’s website or contact one of our vibration isolation and sound reduction experts first. Trust us, it will save you time, money, and a ton of giant headaches! Oh and if are redoing anything in your own house, don’t forget that Kellett also offers a wide range of amazing home products as well!


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Kellett gains an exciting opportunity!

KELLETT Ent., Inc. is poised on the edge of discovery, and will soon acquire new information on the shock & impact response of the unique 3 layer LP13 Vibration Isolator Pad.

As the supplier of material to a research project at the Watervliet Federal Arsenal in Albany, New York, we have been extended the opportunity to place piezo accelerometers within the impact pit. The impact pit is found below the seismic mass which supports Lansmont’s new 120mm Mortar Blast Simulation Machine.

These accelerometers will enable the real time data acquisition of impact information inside our material, from cyclic test strikes on test specimens of 1” armor plate above the seismic mass, enabling us to form a more accurate picture of the dissipation of energy within the pit.

This newly constructed facility (for the purpose of housing the machine) will allow the data collected to contribute to the production of stronger armor, meeting today’s rigorous battlefield  requirements.   KELLETT is very excited at the opportunity to ‘look inside’ the shock & impact performance of this specialized application, in order that we may precisely tailor the product response to a wider range of applications.

In spite of impediments to project progress from the sequester, resumption of test cycles in the new facility is expected to resume shortly, with a great deal of anticipation.

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Exciting Times at Kellett Enterprises!

There are some exciting changes going on at Kellett Enterprises! Recently our CEO Claudia Kellett McNab and VP James Kellett decided it was time for some new adventures in life, so they handed over the reigns of their amazing company to long time members of the Kellett team, Debbie Thompson and Terry Mauldin. While we are sad to see such old friends leave, everyone at Kellett Enterprises is excited about the future.

Rest assured, all the things you love about Kellett, like our top-notch customer service, and industry leading vibration isolation and noise control solutions, will not change. If anything, this new opportunity will allow Kellett Enterprises to expand and diversify our products and services. With an eye on new markets  (like HVAC) as well as our already well-established markets, we believe that we can raise the quality of our work all while expanding our reach. As always, our vibration isolation and sound reduction solutions will remain easy to install and cut to fit your exact size needs.

We truly believe that this big change will improve every aspect of Kellett Enterprises! If you want to learn more about our new team at the top, please visit contact us today and get to know Terry Mauldin and Debbie Thompson!

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Noise and Your Health

It’s long been known that noise pollution can be detrimental to your health.  There are many studies that delve into the ways in which noise raises stress levels, causes emotional and mental strain, hypertension, and of course, hearing loss.  Recently, environmental scientists have even been tracking the effects of noise on animals, finding that humans aren’t the only beings negatively affected.  From bird migration patterns to whale communication, studies of noise effects on the animal kingdom have been illuminating.

Hearing loss caused by noise is, in itself, an obvious problem.  However, there’s even more to the story.  A recent article in the New York Times, interviewing an expert on the subject who happens to suffer from hearing loss, suggests there may be a connection between hearing loss and dementia.  The article, which states that an “astonishing” number of Americans live with hearing loss (approximately 48 million), describes three factors researchers have found that supports their hypothesis, and goes on to say that “By far the majority of this kind of hearing loss can be avoided. It’s all noise-related hearing loss.”

In our line of work at Kellett, we know all about the negative effects of noise and vibration.  For instance, did you know that anything above 80 decibels is considered dangerous, and this can come in the form of noises as seemingly benign  as vacuum cleaners and garbage trucks?  If these are dangerous, imagine the danger level for industrial equipment and large HVAC units.  Our engineers are constantly involved in research and conversations on this topic, and developing products that address this, both directly and indirectly.  For instance, we offer full pads that go underneath rooftop HVAC units that not only control and isolate the vibrations, but the noise associated with the units, creating quieter environments for those living, working, and sleeping underneath.

Noise and vibration control are, after all, about more than just peace and quiet—they’re about healthy living.

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Kellett Employee Profile: Charles G. (Skip) Kahane

Kellett Industries is more than a company leading the way in vibration and noise control; we are a collection of passionate and talented specialists who truly care about what we do.  In this post, we’d like to focus on one member of our team, Charles G. (Skip) Kahane, CAE, an engineer and acoustics specialist who has been an integral part of our company.

An audio engineer (self-described “sound guy”), classically trained cellist, and passionate noise- and vibration-expert, Kahane knows more about the subject than seems possible.  He loves knowing that his work for Kellett, which he describes as “a world leader in the industry” is so important.  Says Kahane, “If I can make a small difference and contribution to Kellett and in turn to the country, the environment, and to keeping people sane” (through noise and vibration control), then he’s more than content.

Our President, Terry Mauldin, first approached Kahane after reading his article, “Negating Noise” for the Specifier, the official Journal of the Construction Specifications Institute. He was asked to write a similar article for Kellett, which was the beginning of his work with us.  He then presented the paper at Saviac’s Symposium (now called the Shock and Vibration Exchange), and the following year presented another paper at the symposium on a project he’d worked on involving controlling noise and vibration in a local school using Kellett’s Vibration Isolation Pads.  The next year, he again presented, this time a follow-up study on revising the project, again using our products, which resulted in a complete abatement of all noise and vibration. Each of his presentations and papers has received an overwhelming response.

Mr. Kahane has also worked on projects for the military, and is currently involved in developing several projects for us, including one involving energy harvesting, and using our pads in the process.  We love the energy, education, and excitement he brings to our company and to the industry as a whole, and are proud to have him on our team.

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Success and Leadership at the 83rd Shock and Vibration Symposium

In a previous blog post, we spoke about our excitement for the upcoming Shock and Vibration Symposium, and our hopes for being chosen to present there.  Well, the event was a huge success, as was our presentation!

Held this past November 4-8 in New Orleans, SAVE’s symposium was the foremost forum for the industry, and featured a host of impressive exhibitors and leaders.  Panel discussions, tutorials, and presentations covered all aspects of shock and vibration, bringing together so much information and innovation.  We were proud and honored to have the opportunity to present our technical paper on there, and were especially thrilled about how well it was received.  In fact, we were asked to present it twice!

After both presentations, we were approached by a number of people who had comments, questions, and thoughts on the subject.  Many people wanted to know about the final results of the testing—which will be available this coming January and February—and the overall interest was outstanding.

We look forward to sharing the results with you and with the symposium’s attendees as they come in, and in the meantime, you can visit our website to read the paper in its entirety.

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Spotlight On: Bolt Isolation Kits

Kellett Enterprises’ vibration isolation pads are an industry-leader and a necessity for so many clients, in so many industries.  From HVAC systems to food equipment, our pads control vibration in an unprecedented way.  One important thing to consider, however, is the need for bolt isolation, and how crucial it is to the entire process.

When you bolt through isolation pads, the bolt can touch the inside of the pad and in turn short circuit the pad by causing vibrations to travel through the bolt.   The equipment needs to be bolted to something, and when you drill a hole in the pad and don’t insulate the bolt, it defeats the purpose of using isolation pads.  For this reason, bolt insulation is extremely important.

We offer bolt isolation kits that take care of this.   These kits isolate the bolt and the bolt head itself from both the machine and the pad, and prevent the short circuiting that could occur without them.  They’re specifically designed to be used with our vibration isolation pads, and—like all of our products—are engineered of the highest quality.  Use them and know that all aspects of your vibration control are taken care of.

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What Exactly is Shock & Vibration?

While the particulars of shock and vibration isolation can be a daunting task to try and understand completely, we here at Kellett Enterprises think that everyone should have a general understanding of vibration issues. It is important to know what kind of vibration is bad, and what kind is good.

Vibration refers to mechanical oscillations about an equilibrium point. Vibration isolation is the process of isolating an object from the source of the vibration. Sometimes, vibration can be desirable. For example, the action of tuning an instrument, or the cone of a loudspeaker, are necessary to obtain sound or to get the equipment to correctly function. Even some benign vibrations that are characteristic of regular operation of a machine doing what it is supposed to in a correct manner. However, there is also undesirable vibration that can waste energy or create unwanted sound or noise. These are the types of vibrations that we at Kellett are concerned with.

These vibrations can be further separated into two types: free and forced. Free vibrations occur when the system is disturbed momentarily and then allowed to move without restraint. Forced vibrations are the tendency of one object to force another adjoining or interconnected object into vibration motion. We are able to help with both.

Kellett Enterprises, Inc has been resolving vibration issues since 1960 and we have worked with many industrial companies on both industrial and retail applications. In our experience we have found that there are three important questions to ask yourself:

  1. Are dynamic characterization terms of pressure, frequency, amplitude, damping coefficient, coefficient of friction and temperature tolerances important to you?
  2. Do you have vibration issues costing you productivity with machine downtime and expensive maintenance costs?
  3. Do you have the reliability and experience of an organization providing vibrations solutions since 1960?

Kellett will provide the answers to all of these questions in one cost effective solution. Visit our website for more information.

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Kellett Enterprises : How We Fixed a Potential Disaster for a New Condo!

There have been many occasions that we are called on to help, and you can read about some of those occasions on our Case Studies & News page on our website. While we have some great examples of our work, there are a few projects that speak to our true abilities. The case study below, is one of them.

We were contacted by General Heating & Air when their builders, who were constructing and testing HVAC heat pumps for a new multi-use condo and retail complex, heard and felt vibrations.

The project they were working on was a large one. 38 heating systems for 22 condo units, so needless to say, the issue needed to be resolved before the project could be completed! Even though all of the equipment from General Heating & Air was in perfect operating condition, the heat pump condenser units, located on the roof of the three story complex, vibrated during start up. During construction, the workers noticed it all the way down on the 2nd floor.

Once we obtained the basic footprint and weight of the units, we were able to recommend four LP-13 Shake Absorber<R> Vibration Isolation Pads, that measured 4” x 4” x ¾” 50 Shore A Durometer.

Once we quoted and presented the technical information to the engineer, builder, architect and General Heating & Air, their approval set our action plan into motion. Problem solved!

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Shock & Vibration Symposium

We here at Kellett Enterprises are very excited to attend the 83rd Shock & Vibration Symposium in New Orleans this coming November. This will be our third year attending and hopefully our third year speaking as well!

Past topics covered at the symposium include shock-ship testing, water shock, earthquake engineering and more. Hundreds of technical papers are normally presented and this year we have turned in white papers for approval to present. If accepted (and if history is any indication, we will be!) we hope to present about a project we are working on at Watervliet Federal Arsenal in New York. This project is about the impact reduction to test the space impact of the 120 millimeter blast simulation machine . We have used our vibration and isolation materials underneath the base of the blast machine to isolate the vibration after the blast from echoing!

This year, the symposium takes place from November 4th to 8th and we would love to see you there! We will also be exhibiting, so even if you can’t make it to what we hope will be our third presentation in as many years, stop by and visit us at booth #403. We look forward to seeing you!

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