Top Hat Lounge-Iconic Music Venue utilizes Kellett Vibration Isolation Pads!

Kellett has long been recognized as world leader in Vibration.  When the Top Hat Lounge in Missoula, Montana initiated a remodeling of the iconic Music Venue, it demanded that excellence in Acoustics be at the forefront of considerations during the remodel.  This owner of this treasured Venue (Nick Checota) planned to present notable music acts from around the  world, and requested a performance Venue which might be utilized for live recordings as well.  A demanding NC (Noise Criteria) rating was specified  to enable high quality performances and recordings.  The HVAC equipment installer utilized Kellett Vibration Isolation Pads throughout the machinery sets, in conjunction with a fabric Duct Sock, to produce an NC rating of 30 in the space, which is now suitable for recording, as well as live performance.  Read on to find out how Kellett put the boom (back) in the room of this iconic Pacific Northwest music venue!

During the audio system set up, it was noted by the house audio engineer Michael Jones, that the large SUB woofer speakers on the floor in front of the stage just “didn’t sound right”. The problem (as diagnosed via Site Dosimetry) was found to be that the SUB woofers were sitting directly on the floor, causing low frequency coupling to the building, decreasing low frequency performance.  Standard ¾” 50 Durometer Kellett Vibration Isolation pads were matched to the bearing load of the hefty DB SUBS.   4” square pads were placed at all four corners of the 4 enclosures, with a pad in the center as well.  This effectively decoupled this critical portion of the Sound System Array from the facility floor, eliminating the 1st through 4th order coupling that was muddying the reproduction of these low frequencies.  After recalibrating the sound system for the now decoupled SUB woofers, Michael Jones exclaimed, “We can now hear the SUBS clear & powerful, as they should be!”

From the noise & vibration of the HVAC system components, to the correct vibration isolation of massive SUB woofers, Kellett Vibration Isolation Pads provided the solutions that realized the owner’s vision of a high quality performance venue suitable for both live performances, and live recordings.

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