Warm Springs Productions employs Kellett Vibration Isolation Pads

Warm Springs Productions, located in Missoula, Montana is known for many new reality shows presently airing on several Cable Networks nationwide.  As the producer of Mountain Men, Gun Gurus, Duck Commander, Buck Commander, Surviving Zombies and many more shows currently in production & airing nationwide, sound quality is a priority to Warm Springs Productions. During the course of constructing their new offices, the Architect was instructed to minimize all noise & vibration from HVAC components that serviced the air handling to each of the 10 edit suites, and to the rest of the facility.  Because audio tracks are mixed in these edit suites, noise & vibration  from HVAC can impede the ability of the mix editors to accurately hear the accompanying audio tracks.  Kellett pads were specified to the HVAC contractor throughout the system, to reduce such noise from vibration to an inaudible level.  But that is not the ‘rest of the story’.

After construction was completed,  the new edit suites were put into use.  Each had a full compliment of editing equipment (Computer, M-Audio Speakers, M-Box allied digital recording components) located on the desk top workstations utilized by each editor.  It was found that the monitor speakers used for accurate reproduction of the editable sound tracks were noted to be affected by coloration.  An audio engineer from JSM Pro was brought in to examine the setup of the edit suites, to find out the best course of action to take to clean up ‘reference standard’ audio reproduction for broadcast quality.   It was determined that vibration from the desk top workstations upon which both monitors were sitting was impeding the ability of the speakers to provide accurate sound reproduction, so critical in the edit mixing of these audio tracks.  Kellett Vibration Isolation pads (in the correct durometer) have the ability to deflect Vibration down to 10Hz, effectively isolating the speakers from the desk top ‘workstations’ in each of these suites.  Pads were placed under the M-Audio Monitor speakers in each edit suite, effectively de-coupling the speakers from the desktops, allowing pristine audio to be reproduced accurately to the ears of the editors.  Problem solved, and editors happy.  MOUNTAIN MEN & SURVIVING ZOMBIES are now getting along with each other, without being ‘all shook up!’

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